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Background Information

The archive consists of the collection of Ashley Hare, a now deceased DJ from Leeds and was donated by his daughter, Selina. The collection was catalogued by Jonathan Trayner.

Initial Condition:
The records were kept in a basement since the death of Mr. Hare and were in plastic bags without sleeves. Prior to archiving each record was cleaned and then placed in a new sleeve, these were stamped with a reference number - being the order in which they were taken out of the bags and catalogued.

The archive contains 841 recorded tracks over 418 records
Of these 19 are completely unplayable
A further 33 are technically unplayable
25 are duplicates

The oldest dated recording is from 1957 the most recent is from 1985

93 are lounge music and related genres
493 are reggae and related genres
233 are soul and related genres
22 are miscellaneous

A number of records in the archive have been marked by previous owners, these marks include erasures (to prevent other DJ's knowing what record is being played), crosses, various names, initials, and seemingly random letters and numbers.

557 are unmarked
79 have erasures
63 are marked with crosses